Float Zero

Float Zero

Reset. Revive. Reboot

Reset Revive Reboot

In a tranquil backwater of Stellenbosch we have created an intimate retreat where it is possible to escape from life’s demands and pressures, both physical and mental, acute and chronic, and emerge restored.

In this space we explore the multifaceted benefits of floatation.

Floatation Therapy, also known synergistically as REST or Restricted Environmental Stimulous Technique, is time-tested and scientifically proven to enhance wellbeing in multiple ways. Regular floating promotes deep relaxation which in turn eases aches and pains, elevates mood, restores balance and improves sleep, amongst many benefits.

Everyone will benefit by simply taking time out and floating.

What is Floating

Floating allows your body to escape the restraints of gravity by simply relaxing in an Epsom-salt saturated water bath. The benefits resulting from this simple but profound practice include:

Give yourself a break and take time out to float.

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