Floating is a simple way to achieve profound relaxation & wellness.

Floatation therapy is a practice where you enter into float pods, which are well-engineered enclosed tanks filled with 10 inches of water and 800 pounds of dissolved Epsom-salts. The use of Epsom-salts results in an effortless float. The water is heated to body temperature to ensure you no longer feel water once your body settles. Our tanks are light-proof, sound-proof and have a neutral smell.

Read more about the benefits of float therapy below.


Floating is an experience like no other with a wide array of benefits for the mind, body & spirit including applications for health, personal development, spirituality and well-being.


Meditation is a phenomenal tool to cultivate mental stillness. It often generates a sensation of being awake yet extremely relaxed. It can induce theta-state brainwaves and allows for one to remain conscious in this frequency instead of falling asleep. Floating may induce an altered state of consciousness.

Magnesium Absorption

The extremely high concentration of Epsom-salts are absorbed through the skin and can prevent cardiovascular disease, regulate high blood pressure, prevent osteoporosis, relieve menopause symptoms, provide PMS relief, create healthier bones and teeth, and is involved with detoxification.

Sleep Management

Many people report drastically improved sleeping abilities. The change in your physical state and your mental outlook may provide you with a healthier perspective to rest much easier each night if sleeping is an issue. 90 minutes in the tank can feel like 6-8 hours of sleep; it is refreshing and rejuvenating.

Stress Relief

The tanks environment eliminates as much external input as possible. It lets your nervous system have a break. In a city with a constant buzz or hum, our systems rarely experience (if ever) the isolation and silence that the tank’s environment provides. Having this experience can be very refreshing, nourishing and healthy for our bodies and minds.

Super Learning

With the brain being held in a theta state wave-length the mind becomes hyper-suggestible. With fewer distractions and greater resources at its disposal, the mind is able to absorb new material very deeply with research showing improved performance in memory and recall activities, for example, floatation therapy is a great tool to use with any academic preparation.

Anxiety Relief

Floating and the relaxation response induces the flood of endorphins in the body. These neurotransmitters are responsible for relieving us from pain, enhancing our mood (decreasing feelings of depression to potentially generating feelings of euphoria) and they decrease anxiety leaving us in a calm and clear state of being.