Float Zero

The Benefits of Floating

Sports recovery

Strenuous athletic activity, as we know, takes its toll on the body.

The zero-gravity effect of floating weightless allows the body to relax fully and focus on post exercise recovery without the input of external stimuli. This alleviates stress and strain placed on heavily worked muscles, joints and connective tissue and promotes accelerated recovery.

Physical therapy and pain relief

Regular Floating relieves chronic pain caused by old sports injuries, exercise fatigue, poor posture and numerous other manifestations of body discomfit.

Floatation therapy has been shown to decrease the perception of pain in both acute and chronic conditions with the beneficial effects reported to last for days.

General wellbeing

Science supports that floating in a sensory deprivation tank can improve one’s sense of wellbeing and overall happiness simply by pressing your pause button.


A regular Flotation practice makes it possible to explore the realm of deep state relaxation once the mind is freed from constant input. This can usually only be accessed through extended mindfulness or during theta sleep. The benefits last long after your session is over.

Stress and anxiety relief

World-wide Float therapy is known to activate our healing and resting state as well as reduce anxiety states and stress levels in the body.

Sleep and insomnia

For all the above reasons Floating gives both our bodies and minds a sanctuary with the extra bonus of inducing restful, refreshing sleep, often for many nights after a session.

After a few sessions it becomes apparent that regular floating is a necessity not an indulgence.