Float Elements

What are Float Elements?

Float Elements are like landscapes for the mind. Using sounds, music, entrainment and guided imagery, they, first of all, relax the conscious mind, then gently engage and transport the floater to a place of deep learning in the subconscious where they can alter behaviour, improve performance and relieve physical conditions far more effectively than with floating alone.

Each session is one hour long, they are easy to follow and unlike simple relaxation sessions off the web, they are specifically designed to be used in the float environment.

Active floating with Float Zero Elements ~ It’s the next best thing to nothing at all!

While you float in your pod, the Float Zero Elements program provides a safe and effective way to study the past and rehearse alternative ways of acting in the future.

The powerful conditioning sessions utilize the neuroplasticity of the brain to modify unwanted behaviour, building new neural pathways to learning.

That’s the foundation of the unique Elements session — establishing ways to create and validate a set of trials or experiences upon which the mind can produce certain predictable effects.

As you float, these influences are simulated in the mind by the ISM system using positive and powerful affirmations that then enter the subconscious to be enacted.

By introducing new concepts and ideas in a modified state of relaxed awareness, you are able to bypass the inherent doubt of the conscious mind and examine, reflect and adopt new ways of thinking without the distraction of the outside world.

Float Zero Elements provide the ‘permission to believe’ that we can really change our lives and be the person we want to be.

What is ‘ISM’?

“Interhemispheric Synchronic Mediation’ (ISM) is a special suite of patented production tools that includes guided imagery, affirmation, music, voice, isochronic entrainment, backtracking, subliminal and subsonic messages and control tracks packaged in a unique combination that together create a totally safe, relaxed and receptive pathway to the area of the brain that influences behaviour.

It is completely safe and is suited for all users, requiring no prior knowledge or even a belief that it will work for you.

All you have to do is relax and listen while you float as each highly complex, multi-tracked sound session gently engages and transports you to a place of deep learning.

As each new concept is introduced, it is supported and reinforced by a pleasant environment created in the mind, a safe place to rehearse and adopt these new ways to act.

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