Frequently Asked Questions

What should I bring to my float?

Bring along a hairbrush and a change of comfortable clothes for after your floatation therapy.

We will provide you with a private float room and private shower as well as towels, organic shampoo, and earplugs. You will have full access to the floating lounge directly outside the float rooms.

Can I exercise before my float?


Do I need to bring a swimsuit to float in?

You will not need to bring any swimsuit gear or other clothing to float in.  No clothing of any kind is allowed in the tanks, for sanitary
reasons. We encourage no swimsuits for both the overall physical and spiritual aspects of the experience.

Can I eat before my float?

It is very important and best not to have a big meal or any caffeine within two hours prior to your scheduled appointment. You should avoid caffeine even longer if you are sensitive to it.

Failure to adhere to this recommendation may result in some physical unease and discomfort during your session.

Will floating damage my hair?

Salt water will not harm coloured or treated hair do but we ask you to wait a minimum of 2 weeks after your hair treatment to avoid contaminating the water.

Can I float with a spray tan?

Please refrain from sun tanning or spray tanning prior to floating.  Your skin requires time to heal and may be extra sensitive to the high intensity.

What happens if I fall ill before my float?

If you have large cuts or open wounds, experiencing an illness, or menstruating; please contact us so we may advise you properly.  As a general rule, floating under such physical conditions is not recommended.

Can I book the Tuesday special and float on a Wednesday?

Our half-price Tuesday special is for Tuesday appointments only. We are always running promotions throughout the month. Keep an eye on social media every week!

Can I float while pregnant?

Yes! Float therapy is 100% safe for mom and baby. Read more about floating while pregnant here.

Please read our list of float therapy FAQs carefully. If you feel we might have missed something or if anything is unclear, please feel free to contact our team here.