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It was just what I needed

Tucked away in between the wine farms of Stellenbosch is Float Zero, an absolute hidden gem. What a unique experience! I had heard of flotation pods before, but I never thought that simply floating in water could or would be this relaxing, partner that with excellent customer service and hygiene standards and you have a winning combination for complete customer satisfaction.

From the moment that I made the booking Kay looked after my mom and I every step of the way and patiently answered any of the questions that we had. Not once did I feel silly for asking what to expect. On arrival, we were met in the parking area and escorted into the well-appointed venue. Every comfort has been considered and every step was explained before we entered the pods. I must add that the treatment rooms are spotless.

There is a shower in each treatment room with towels, shampoo, soaps, and lotions provided. Everything is very well handled for absolute privacy. We were told how the warm water is filtered and cleaned for every session. The pods are state of the art and play soothing music before and at the end of your session, so you don’t have to worry about time or how long you have been floating. The hydraulic system ensures that you can easily lift and close the unit yourself and the lid cannot slip or fall shut. A flotation ring was provided as added neck support as well as soft comfort-fit ear plugs. There are pool noodles available as well in case you prefer to have an opening between the pod and the lid while you get used to the space. The floors have non-slip mats. Literally, every tiny detail has been thought of.

The pod itself is very roomy and at no time did I feel claustrophobic at all. There is even a panic button inside the pod for anyone who needs assistance at any moment. The light switch is located on the opposite side of the panic button inside the pod. I felt so at ease that I switched the lights off after the intro music stopped. You have the option to leave the lights on, but I am so glad that I opted to turn them off. The quiet and darkness made me feel like I was floating in space. I can see how this form of sensory shut-off may seem disconcerting for some, but it was just what I needed.

At first, my mind flooded with thoughts, to-do lists, work, home, and kids then suddenly it all just stopped. I ran out of things to think about, and I realized how weightless my body felt and everything literally just drifted away as I lay there. I could hear and feel my heart rate slowing down, and my blood pressure normalized. My back was pain-free for the first time in months. I just lay in the water and smiled. I got in touch with myself again. I practice yoga and meditation on a regular basis, and this just took that relaxation and calm to a whole new level. There is a pleasant smell to the water. I thought the high salt content would make me feel sticky, but my skin felt silky and smooth.

I will definitely be going back, and the rates are much more affordable than I first anticipated. I am really looking forward to seeing what my next session will help me release and simply let drift away. I would highly recommend that anyone who has any form of stress try this, it has been a revelation. I have rested and revived, and I truly feel rebooted and ready for the week ahead.

Thanks to Float Zero for a remarkable experience.